FastThink provides enterprises with world class Big Data services and innovative industry solutions. Our solutions transform the role of enterprise data to be the driving force in business decision-making. Our solutions allow clients to evolve raw data and information into data insights and intelligence. Our data services help clients determine their core business focus, uncover core value, maximize benefits and design customized solutions to fit specific business needs. Our Big Data services are focused on providing a wholesome solution to business problems using the right set of tools. We leverage our strategic consulting and core technology capabilities to help clients capture structured and unstructured data at the source and transform it into actionable insights, facilitating new market opportunities and driving new sources for revenue growth.


  • Decision making ease: Our Big Data solutions employ advanced visual analysis tools to clearly display trends and analysis ensuring efficient and effective decision-making processes.
  • Industry domain expertise: Mature, best-in-class solutions, technology and process knowledge for manufacturing, banking and finance and automobile industries.
  • Proven track record: Over 10 years of experience in Big Data consulting, design, development and maintenance.


FastThink has developed a generic Big Data solution that offers a variety of source data collection and integration services. The platform is used to customize client-specific Big Data applications.

  • Customized data categorization
  • Customized precision data acquisition
  • Customized data integration applications

  • Customized Big Data applications