FastThink takes a customer-centric approach to business intelligence (BI) rather than a subject-matter-centric approach. Embrace the power of business intelligence through the implementation of the pre-built analytics and a rich set of KPIs, metrics, and workflows. Implementing reporting and analytical platforms can take many different forms to serve many different purposes. Some organizations simply require a mechanism to generate and distribute standard reporting while others want to fully empower end users to meet their needs in a true self-service environment. FastThink has extensive experience in designing and implementing a wide range of reporting and analytical capabilities to meet your organizations unique and critical needs.


Support better decision making using more timely and accurate information – Understand your data through a common enterprise information model that provides accurate and consistent insight into your information.

Simplify data analysis through dashboards and scorecards – Enter into the world of scorecards and dashboards to enable your executives to know how the organization is doing with just a glance.

Support management information delivery – Evoke an alerting tool that provides monitoring of business activity for quick action.

Gain greater insight into your organizational performance – Utilize a common reporting engine capable of generating reports from multiple data sources for an actionable single version of the truth.


Systems We Implement Products We Integrate
Enterprise Business Intelligence Systems Power BI Visual Analytics
Interactive reporting solutions with drill up/down functions Microsoft Application Platform Services
Mobile driven real-time data & analytic Solutions Tableau
Data warehouse design and implementation
Statistical models and analysis